Tom & Bonnie McCloskey

"There is no one who can tell a story as big as The Vietnam War, as Ken Burns, nor in such a dramatic way. Ken’s extraordinary and invaluable work is something Bonnie and I enthusiastically support. Ken continues to appeal to “the better angels of our nature” and through his works he does exactly that.

Paul & Sandra Montrone

"Those of us here today have inherited an incredible gift--our wonderful, thriving nation. It arose from the pain, sacrifices, energy and accomplishments of our forebears. But they are gone, so how can we express our gratitude to them? Ken Burns has presented us with a unique way to show our appreciation. In supporting his efforts

Amy & David Abrams

"Thanks to Ken Burns, Lynn Novick, and the entire team. There is no one better than the storytellers and historians at Florentine Films to help us understand the Vietnam War and its aftereffects- one of the defining chapters of our history. The series is evenhanded, reflective, and thought provoking. We are drawn into the individual

John & Catherine Debs

"We have focused our philanthropy on K through 12 education for children who are born in the wrong zip code. When we visited Ken in Walpole and viewed his documentaries we realized that supporting Ken’s work was the best way to help educate our children and their parents also. With K thru 12 schools offering

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