The Better Angels Society supports lifelong learning through events designed around each film. In addition, we are exploring a range of future outreach and engagement projects.

Whether it is the state of race in America today, the timeless issues of war and peace, education, crime and punishment, or the complex issues of poverty and public housing, The Better Angels Society offers unique opportunities for civic discourse. Working together with other civic-minded organizations, production teams, local public television stations, and PBS, we offer our donors the opportunity to underwrite and sponsor much-needed forums across the country.


Community engagement is a vital component of a Ken Burns production. For each film, a comprehensive national engagement campaign is developed to create a larger discussion around its themes. Through the filmmakers’ and broadcasters’ efforts, local stations engage their audiences with screenings and discussion events, digital media workshops, local productions, and new media broadcasts tailored to the needs of their own communities.

The Better Angels Society supports educational outreach and community engagement for each film as well as new plans to enhance and expand proven strategies by connecting students, teachers, and communities across the country via a wide range of platforms, cutting-edge technology, and social media.


One of UNUM’s most important uses is to promote civil discourse and civics education through social media. People trust the clips from documentary films by Ken Burns and those filmmakers associated with him to present unbiased historical content. “We are not trying to convert anybody to anything except wholehearted subscription to the Constitution of the United States and the promise of who we are.”