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Teachers, we hope you will use this whole website to help your students navigate the sometimes tricky, but always rewarding process of creating history documentaries. Whether you’re participating in National History Day® and want to help your students navigate this process, or if you’re just interested in finding new ways to teach research, analysis, and historical storytelling, the tools on this website should help you create a module for your students.

We have purposefully built this website to be nimble and flexible to the needs of your classroom. To use this site in your classrooms, feel free to jump around between pages and handouts, or, to go in the order of this site (Inspiration–>Research–>Analysis–>Artistic Process).

How to Make a Documentary

Film Terminologies

How to use WeVideo with students

PBS’ Ken Burns in the Classroom

Library of Congress Teacher Resources

Bring a documentary teaching artists to your classroom!

We are excited to be able to bring documentarians into your classroom to teach and inspire your students. In this 45-60 minute lesson for grades 6-12, our teaching artists will walk your students through the process of choosing a topic, creating a research plan, and finding their story’s point of view through analyzing a keystone primary source. If you’re interested in being considered for these virtual or in person lessons (for those based in and around Philadelphia), apply here.

The Next Generation Angels Awards is made possible by the generosity of John and Jessica Fullerton.