The legacy initiative is also focused on the restoration and preservation of Ken’s work over the last thirty-five years. While all of his films’ content remains, and will continue to remain as relevant today as it was when first broadcast, the master elements (video, film, and sound) in many of his early productions are beginning to deteriorate. We urgently need to restore and preserve these landmark films. In addition, we want to archive unused and precious photos and film footage so they can continue to inspire, educate, and inform future generations.

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The Better Angels Society supports lifelong learning through events designed around each film. In addition, we are exploring a range of future outreach and engagement projects, including a possible documentary history film festival, speaker series, and summer institute.

Whether it is the state of race in America today, the timeless issues of war and peace, education, crime and punishment, or the complex issues of poverty and public housing, The Better Angels Society offers unique opportunities for civic discourse. Working together with other civic-minded organizations, production teams, local public television stations, and PBS, we offer our donors the opportunity to underwrite and sponsor much-needed forums across the country.

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A key component of continuing Ken’s legacy is to engage and empower the next generation of documentary filmmakers. Through guidance and mentorship, an expanded internship program, and grant awards for start-up and completion of new work by promising filmmakers, The Better Angels Society will help pave the way for the filmmakers of tomorrow.



Our goal is to create a robust digital platform that brings together all of Ken Burns's films in an integrated, curated and immersive experience, showcasing the recurring themes of the American story.

Building on The Better Angels-funded iPad app, we hope to enhance and curate the almost 150 hours of Ken Burns's broadcast films, along with many additional hours of bonus features, into easily digestible "mixtapes” and playlists of bite-size clips.