I was galvanized in my support when I realized the impact of these films on education and civic engagement. That impact derives from the objectivity, honesty, integrity and straightforward presentation found in the documentaries. The unbiased educational value is a clear legacy worth supporting.
— M.J. Perry, Better Angel

It was Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural address. The country was being torn apart. Seven states had already seceded from the Union and, over the next four months, five more would join them. At this crucial moment, when Lincoln could have easily resorted to the rhetoric of divisiveness, he had the courage to appeal to our better angels—the basic human instinct to do the right thing.

Lincoln knew the sacrifices that had been made less than a century before to create these United States. He believed deeply that the things that united us would eventually prove more powerful than those that divided us.

In our time, when the rhetoric of divisiveness has become, it seems, louder than ever, The Better Angels Society is dedicated to preserving America’s history, presenting it in a meaningful way to current and future generations, and inspiring and supporting others who share this mission.