Fourth Annual Student History Documentary Film Festival Takes Place in Philadelphia

In partnership with The Philadelphia Film Society, The Better Angels Society was delighted to host the 2022 Student History Documentary Film Festival virtually and in person for nearly 900 Philadelphia middle and high students on November 30, 2022.

The film festival featured all six of the 2022 Next Generation Angels Award-winning films in their entirety, paired with interviews between the student filmmakers and Mike Mashon, head of the Moving Images Section of the Library of Congress, to help educate their peers about their filmmaking experience. The festival was also paired with a history fair featuring booths and resources from an array of historical and educational organizations in the Philadelphia area.

In addition to the live festival and resources provided to students on November 30, the Philadelphia Film Society has partnered with Better Angels to create educational resources for teachers and students to learn how to enter the field of documentary filmmaking. The curricula provides insight into the documentary-making process, highlighting everything from concept development to archival research, as well as an understanding of the artistic process inherent in filmmaking. These materials have been developed with students in mind, but anyone with an interest in documentary filmmaking will find this information valuable.

To enhance this educational content and teacher resources, the Philadelphia Film Society will be providing a limited number of free in-class and virtual workshops using these materials. Teachers can sign up for these programs here.

We are deeply indebted to the generosity of John and Jessica Fullerton, who make this program possible, as well as the partnership of National History Day, who hosts the awards each year.

View the full live program shared at the 2022 NGAA Student History Documentary film festival below!