Ken Burns Mentorship Session with the 2022 Next Generation Angels Award Winners

This is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the most successful documentary filmmakers of our time, Ken Burns. With a career spanning over four decades, Burns is renowned for his documentary films that have explored various topics, including the Civil War, baseball, jazz, and the Vietnam War.

During this engaging and informative session, Ken shares his insights on the art of documentary filmmaking, providing valuable guidance for aspiring filmmakers. He’ll delve into his creative process, discussing how he develops ideas, conducts research, and crafts compelling narratives. You’ll also get a chance to hear about his experiences and challenges throughout his illustrious career.


1st Place, Senior Division
Maci Hill, 11th Grade, Texas
Communist in the Cornfields: Roswell Garst’s Citizen Diplomacy

2nd Place, Senior Division
Abigail Peters, 11th Grade, Minnesota
Fight for Our Wilderness: The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Act

3rd Place, Senior Division
Jessie Henderson, 12th Grade, Tennessee
More Than Potatoes: Debate and Diplomacy in the Mission of the USS Jamestown

1st Place, Junior Division
Krin Blegen, 8th Grade, Wisconsin
What They Taught Us: How Grassroots Debate and Diplomacy Shaped the Milwaukee Open Housing Movement

2nd Place, Junior Division
Aubrey Grier, 8th Grade, Washington
Makah Whaling Rights: A Moral Debate of Cultural Preservation

3rd Place, Junior Division
Lachlan Gebhart, 6th Grade, Wyoming
Wolves: Bloodthirsty Menaces or Stewards of the Land?

The Next Generation Angels Awards is made possible by the generosity of John and Jessica Fullerton.