The Impact of College Behind Bars

We are excited to share some wonderful news:

Congress has reversed the ban on Pell Grants for people in prison!

As a result, hundreds of thousands of incarcerated men and women will have access to higher education in the coming years.

We want to thank our donors who supported College Behind Bars and brought the transformative power of education in prisons to the forefront of the national conversation:

Amy and David Abrams

Tom and Ann Cousins

John and Catherine Debs

Schwartz/Reisman Foundation

Richard and Donna Strong

Ted Dintersmith

Tom and Bonnie McCloskey

If you would like to learn more about the Pell Grants for incarcerated individuals, please read the articles in the New York Times and on NPR.

We are once again reminded of the impact documentary films have on our country and our democracy. We are grateful for our donors whose philanthropy makes this work possible!